This article about Daniel Barenboim caught my attention in the Financial Times this week. First, because it was in the FT, (which my boss subscribes too, but fails to read) but also because it's about Barenboim's political activism of which I was unaware.

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I've missed a week or two of my lectures program, but last night I picked up by going to a free recital of The Quartet Program at CU. The Quartet Program is a summer intensive for high school string players during which time they learn: one Concerto movement, 2 contrasting Bach movements, or the equivalent along with two string quartets and a Sonata. This gives them an excellent repertoire for college auditions and gives kids a chance to play in small groups with peers of a similar calibre. (Always a problem in public schools.)

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The Quartet Program has another concert today at Imig, if anyone is interested. (I will probably not be going this evening.) And the solo Sonatas will be performed next week Wed-Sat at 7:30 PM. I'm also not sure whether I will be able to attend these, but the quality of the quartets was exceptional, so they should be decent.
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Oh, yes, 9 Beet Stretch: Beethoven's 9th stretched 24 hours with no pitch distortion. It's like Beethoven for whales or across the distances of space. There's an audio stream online if you're curious:

Also: DIY =

Finally, I have managed to upload Prof. Morton's Beautiful Soul Syndrome lecture to Any interested parties who don't have itunes can download it from the following link:

I'm not sure how much sense it makes if the listener is unfamiliar with the material and/or hasn't been following along in class, but I think it's a decent overview of his recent work and what he's teaching. I've been doing a lot of thinking about this subject since he introduced it last November and I'm not sure how he manages to express the ideas so clearly or succinctly.

Let me know what you think, especially if you decide to dip your toes into any of the above.



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