Reposted from FB, this Ben Hatke robot comic (courtesy of the beautiful [ profile] sdn)

It brought to mind Samuel Taylor Coelridge's Lime Tree Bower My Prison

written upon his disappointment when he was not able to join his friend Charles Lamb on a long-anticipated walk. Charles Lamb had a life much marred by tragedy, not the least of which was the murder of his mother by his sister Mary. Rather than having her institutionalized, he took on her care for the rest of their lives. (They wrote together, among other things, Tales from Shakespeare, through which many --- including myself --- are introduced to the works of the Bard.)

Coelridge affirms in this poem that beauty doesn't just come from the pleasant friendships and vistas, but that "No sound is dissonant which tells of Life."

This poem, along with Work Without Hope (and of course, the BPs favorite Rime of the Ancient Mariner) has always had special meaning for me. It was given to me by a friend when I was going through my own difficult time... when life had given me way more citrus than I thought I could handle. Not only did it affirm our friendship, but it was a reminder that where there is life, there is not just hope, but beauty.

It also reminded me of one of my favorite aphorisms: "When life gives you lemons, stuff 'em in your bra. Can't hurt, might help." ;)
Leila sent me this one, I thought it was too funny not to share:,26900/

It also made me happy because sending it to me showed she'd been paying attention to things I've been enjoying this past year or so.
"The uncanny valley... it's not in Wales."
Here is a funny cartoon about Costa Rican slang... made even funnier by the fact that I am staying in the Holiday Inn. Now I understand why says, "Gringo Pinto!" whenever I tell them this:

I'm not clear on all the slang... but I know that they call taxis/taxi drivers 'los pirates' (pirates).
We're musing on Batman and DCs recently announced universal re-set.

Me: "I think my default Batman is the movie with the Prince soundtrack," I said. "Michael Caine is kind of weird, physically; he doesn't really work as Bruce Wayne, but he totally has that bat-shit batman vibe going."

Brother: "Um, Sarah, I think you mean Michael Keaton, not Michael Caine."

Me [doing a Michael Caine impersonation]: "I'm Batman. I'm like a bloody laser."

Brother: "I think Michael Caine plays Alfred, not Bruce Wayne... or Batman."

Me: Alfie... what IS it all about?" [Reference to Michael Caine's breakout role in Alfie where he plays a promiscuous gigolo.] What if Alfie WAS Batman. I mean how do you think Bruce Wayne gets all that money? Maybe he's not a playboy, but a gigolo.

Brother: "Hey, that's pretty good... This is why I'm always saying you should totally write for comic books."

Me: "In what comic universe would I be allowed to do a mash up of Batman with Alfie?
Courtesy of [ profile] da_lj:

"I try to think only nice things..." ROFL.

I just posted a link to this in someone's comments section and figured I should put this here for the rest of you to enjoy. I'd forgotten how much I love the unholy union between classical music and cartoon violence.

If you think what they do with their talons is bad, you should see what they do with their beaks!

I just hate it when I am so clearly Lucy.

[The psychiatrist is OUT.] :P
Most of you are probably already subscribed to the Wondermark feed, which means you've already seen these 'before & after' pictures of famous romcom couples:

I think it's weird that they chose Ethan/Winona in Reality Bites, when we have actual character footage of Linklater's Ethan/Julie with nearly ten years between them with Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset. Looking at Ethan's after picture I think of Delpy pointing to the crease in his brow in Before Sunset and saying, "It looks like a scar!"

Aaaagh! IMDB tells me that Ethan Hawke is playing Starbuck in a television adaptation of Moby Dick with William Hurt as Ahab! This sounds TERRIBLE, but I'm willing to give it a chance. Probably the best adaptation of Moby Dick I ever saw was minimalist theatre. I know, it sounds impossible, but it was brilliant!

Also, here is Angela Chase & Jordan Catalano 15 years later. A friend sent this to me as a joke, asking "Where's your high school sweetheart, now?" She hadn't realized that I left my 'glamourous life' in Manhattan for a trailer park in Squaresville, while he is now dead. How's that for my so-called-life? Anyway, the picture is still funny.

Not only is the comic funny on its own, but because of the conversation I had @ Secret Stan this week and a heavy dose of the Beloved Professor (a big fan of both Kant & Keats) earlier today I couldn't help but see its relation to Kant's objectivism vs Rand's Objectivism.

Kant's objectivism tells us that all we can really know is the contents of our own mind because we are limited by the very means through which we sense the world. Rand mocks Kant reinterpreting his thought to mean, "man is limited to a consciousness of a specific nature, which perceives by specific means and no others; therefore, his consciousness is not valid; man is blind because he has eyes—deaf because he has ears—deluded because he has a mind—and the things he perceives do not exist because he perceives them."

I think that Bucky the Cat shows us the fallacies of Rand's Objectivism daily by the twisted approach he has to the world. He acts on his sensory input with invested self-interest but he is almost and always categorically wrong.

Anyway, I'm probably not using the words correctly (since I lack a proper vocabulary for philosophy), but I think you get my drift.
Thoroughly disgusted and amused by David Lubar's latest My Rotten Life about a fifth grade zombie. It is not for the squeamish. I actually had to skip parts and take breaks to get away from the bits about regurgitating undigested, rotten, food.

However, his website is hilarious! Here are some highlights. I'm sure you will find something you like:

For [profile] arialas Lubar's Guide to Literary Fiction. This is practically an instruction manual for what not to turn in during undergrad creative writing classes. He also has a bunch of bits specific to the writing of YA.

For [personal profile] averygoodun Frequently Asked Questions about Health Care.. Read it and weep.

For [profile] ng_nighthawk Lubar's description of the Software Development Cycle. (This may apply to others, as well. But the bit about testing made me thing of NG.)

For [personal profile] mrissa and [personal profile] dr_tectonic A Glossary of SF, Fantasy, and Horror Terms. Not DWJ Tough Guide to Fantasy Land, but a much faster read.

There is much, much, more at his site... but I'm guessing many of you already know about it.

[personal profile] ashfae please consider this my contribution to brighten your day.

The wind has picked up and is making very spooky noises in the power lines. (I live next to the modern equivalent of an aeolian harp.) I hope it is the Chinook to warm things up. This bitter cold is like February with no promise of an early spring.
IT Crowd Season 3 is out in the US today. See the 'Friendface' add that starts the 'Friendface' episode. I <3 this show. It made my day.

Also : "You've just discovered penicillin. Cavort!"
The incomparable Kate Beaton on Women's Suffrage.

Did you catch her comic on the Bronte sisters a few weeks ago? Sparkle! Sparkle!

And of course, my favorite: Adams Just Wants to Have Fun and Party Boat Crossing the Delaware.

I soooo want a tshirt of Party Boat Crossing the Delaware.
* Fado concert didn't really provide was I was looking for. Beethoven's 9th this past week did. Beethoven has become my new drug of choice. Live is best, but recorded helps. It lifts my mood, relieves my tension, and makes me feel more than a little blissed out. I left the concert feeling like I was floating. It's also a reminder that it might not hurt to drink a little more. My life has gotten far too serious lately, which is part of the reason I haven't been posting. Self-pity is unattractive.

* Fortunately, my sense of humor, after feeling like it has been missing all winter, has made some glimmers of reappearance. First at the fado concert where I observed, "This is like Carmen Miranda for melancholics." Then over the past week when I realized I have had it with the messages of environmental doom and gloom. I think the absurdity and manipulation of it hit me last week while reviewing a website that featured a game where a polar bear either lives or dies based on how the player fills out their energy use survey. Correct answers for the smaller bear earn fish or toys to bat at it. But the adult bear stands there on its little iceberg and roars pathetically every time your answers 'melt' the iceberg into the water, and nothing seems to keep it from sinking.

Green propaganda rant. )
I visit Cake Wrecks.

Provided for your amusement.
This website/review via RB's horoscope totally made my day yesterday. It is a collection of aphorisms from and relating to Chinese poets.

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