Do you remember the career advice columnist I hate?

The column appearing in today's paper is pricelessly awful. The incomplete sentences are bad enough, but the bits about becoming a professional sex worker instead of an advice columnist might offer her some options when she loses her syndication for writing this kind of crap.
Schadenfruede is: a popular fantasy author who dies in the middle of the series you stopped reading long ago.

Someone actually told me he died when I was in the middle of Book 5 many years ago. I stopped reading the series, not realizing he was still alive and that there were more books. It was a joke, and now I'd like to thank whoever it was who saved me from reading the rest of the series.

Jason #3 was actually the one who got me into RJ, which has always struck me as kind of bizarre. He was a geek at heart, which is a strange thing to recall as he pursues the pathways of power. Jason #1 has also turned out to have more than a little of a dork streak, and even had his own 'dork room' in his old house in which to keep his dorky things. I'd much rather know about people's dorky secrets than their dark ones.

Murder by Death at movie night. )
Do you remember my post about the female career columnist who said women whould get married before pursuing a career? Well her columns for the past month have been all about her marriage to her stay-at-home husband falling apart.

I know, I should have a little sympathy. And I do. For her husband.

Nyah nyah!


Schadenfruede is: career columnist's marriages to stay-at-home dad's falling apart after they've encouraged women to delay career aspirations until after marriage and children.

Too long for a tshirt, I know; but most of shadenfreude involves some contextual complexity.



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