We went to Microworlds Part 1 last night. It's excellent, though clearly a work in progress. The performance is powered entirely by human energy, using a step generator to power the lights and sound. The story is about a Serbian physicist living in Tokyo's Nakagin Capsule Tower just prior to demolition. Thaddeus constructed a 3 x 3 x 8 capsule as his primary set piece. It rotates as well as hinging up and down becoming everything he needs for the play. He uses his reverse projection technique I've seen in his other plays, but also draws on one side of the capsule---a translucent wipe-board---to illustrate ideas.

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Also of pertinence to this post, [profile] da_lj's post on Stewart Brand.
Mom and I drove down to the Springs yesterday to see Thaddeus Phillips' latest project Flamingo/Winnebago. I first saw Thaddeus in New York where I caught his one man trunk production of The Tempest at LaMama. The Tempest has never been one of my favorite of Shakespeare's plays, but there was something so poignant about his production with props, puppetry, and a grown man splashing about in a wading pool. It gave this sense of the patheticness of Prospero, with all the characters as a reflection of his mad self. (Caliban, for example, was a mirror, which was an interesting take on the relationship between monster & master.)

We also saw his one man tap show Lost Soles about Cuban exiles. When I discovered he was from Colorado and regularly made appearances here, I told everyone I knew here to check out his shows. People here have seen his Planet Lear and his Henry V, which was set at a streetvending stand in NYC shortly after 9-11. Flamingo/Winnebago is the second play in a trilogy about American identity, and marks his foray into multi-actor shows, with live incidental music.

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